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This annex to the institute for paramedical training, linked to the Medical Centre of Meulan-les-Mureaux, hosts over 500 students in various specialties. It is meant to be an ephemeral location, a temporary teaching unit. Timing: March 2011, expecting students by the end of September. The three distinct volumes respond to the constraints of the site whichborders on a nature reserve. They are each positioned between trees. They lengthen or broaden as necessary, avoiding existing built structures, occupying parking lots. They are placed where they can be dismantled without damaging the site. These three volumes allow passage throughout their whole length, which are extended by external paths. These trenches are visually prolonged by glass doors, allowing views to the forest from any point of the three volumes.

1602 m2

1,35 M€ HT
Delivered October 2011
Contracting Authority
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Meulan-Les Mureaux
Project Team
École (mandataire)
AGMS (co-traitants)
Confluence (Ingénierie géotechnique)
M. Tellache (Ingénierie Structure)