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Kadist Art Foundation

Kadist Art Foundation is a major venue for conceptual art in Paris. When we were commissioned to undertake the build out of their work space, we knew we would be embarking on a very enriching dialogue. Structurally, we opted for a single operation. We decided to tear down the walls surrounding the second entrance. This allowed more fluid circulation and brought coherence to the space. Once we had designed this second opening, the newly accessible pathway needed a destination. We decided that it would lead to the library, which we conceived to be outstanding , decorative. This massive blue element is announced by low bookshelves which separate the space in two parts. The second assignment concerned furnishing the space. In order to concentrate costs on the architecture, we suggested that the Kadist team build its own furniture according to Enzo Mari's blueprints.

95 m2
Delivered October 2010
Rue des Trois Frères, Paris XVIIIe
Contracting authority
Kadist Art Foundation
Project manager