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Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville PACA

Set design for the exhibition L’architecture au-delà des formes - Le tournant computationnel (Architecture beyond form - the computational turn) presented at Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville PACA, curated by Philippe Morel from February 22 to April 20, 2007.

This event, organized with the support of the FRAC Center and Centre Pompidou, aims to present the state of the art of computation and numerical research in architecture. The scenographic device was largely determined by the contents of the exhibition.

A regular grid marks the centralspace as an orthonormal guide, and distinguishes itself from the floor to offer an abstract context. On this guide, pedestals of cubic topology (six faces, eight points, twelve edges) dance and carry the exposed pieces. Each assembly part is unique, except the flooring slabs. The entirety of this device is constituted of steel parts numerically cut out of simple sheets. Using this technology allowed us to achieve an ambitious project within a limited budget. The secondary rooms offer a more modest context comprising black orthogonal pedestals.

22 000 €
Delivered February 2007
Boulevard Théodore Thurner, Marseille VIe
Contracting Authority
Maison de l'Architecture et de la Ville de P.A.C.A
Project team