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Maison Rouge
Fondation Antoine de Galbert

Set design for the exhibition Pavillon Seroussi, Architectures de collectionneur, presented at the Maison Rouge Antoine de Galbert Foundation / Paris, June 1-September 9, 2007. Curator: Elias Guenoun.

Art collector Natalie Seroussi decided to commission a pavilion to host her art collection and called a competition among six international architecture offices. The Maison Rouge Antoine de Galbert Foundation chose to present the selected architectural proposals to the public. These projects were judged on site. The jury, including Claude Parent and Andrea Branzi, designated the two successful projects the day before the opening.

For this reason, we suggested a simple strategy that wouldn't compete with the formal complexity of the exposed pieces. Seven volumes were randomly positioned. The first one presents a model of the site. The six others are intended to host the projects and relate to the competition's display boards. We mobilized the floor grid developed for the MAV, but using folded aluminum panels. These aluminum elements allowed smoother and swifter handling, owing to their weight/structure characteristics. A secondary room, in darkness, presents archive material testifying of André Bloc's research.

Delivered September 2007
Boulevard de la Bastille, Paris XIIe
Contracting Authority
Natalie Seroussi
Project Team