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ÉSA S1 Winter 2012

Calling upon notions of play, system and protocol, the project explores the potential of occupying a massive void (75m x 75m x 75m). The 21 architectures produced by the students negotiate and confront their logic. This work is developed in the form of 1/50 scale model and a set of drawings (plan, section, axonometric). These documents are compiled in a large collective axonometric.


Winter Semester 2012


Nicolas Simon


Louise Marzo

Involved students (year 1 semester 1)

Gina Andreou, Arnaud Berland, Claire Berree, Caroline Bouchet, Sofia Cherkaoui, Nicolas Dinjeart, Clara Domange, Adrien Espejo Fernandez, Dahlia Hojeij, Wyatt Thomas Hunter, Biancheng Jiang, Ghali Lahlou, Ninon Lecomte, Folco Lhardit, Rastine Mir, Meryl Motyka, Louisa Olivieri, Jihane Sabri, Loris Servadio, Francis Stefan, Marine Vincent