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ÉSA S2 Summer 2012

Working with normalised representation techniques, students explore the questions revolving around the individual housing unit. This studio is about politics and architecture, interior and landscape, limits and space. A book (50 copies) was handed out during the end of semester show. It contained a selection of drawings produced weekly by the students.
Models were then sent to Venice for the Biennale.

Summer semester 2012

Adrien Durrmeyer & Max Turnheim

Lola Rozewicz

Involved students (year 1 semester 2)
Deniz Başman, Alice Boyaval, Jimmy Brunner, Hugo Cals, Beatriz Campos, Martin Denis du Péage, Sabrina Jaffal, Thomas Lacour- Veyranne, Léa Lepetit, Adrien Le Strat, Mathilde Lizoret, Boris Marchio, Marine Monmasson, Edmond Pialoux, Edouard Regnier, Samuel Saad, Inigo Senard, Jordan Zekri