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ÉSA S2 Winter 2012

This project is the result of a negotiation between 21 architectures.
Through the coexistence of singularities, emerges a form of "urbanity": not one defined by consensus, but by confrontation. It is an attempt to envision a city where tension is the rule, from the miniature perspective of furniture to the territorial one.

Winter semester 2012

Adrien Durrmeyer & Max Turnheim

Aurélie Bouet

Involved students (year 1 semester 2)
Daniel Abreo, Yasmina Benkirane, Sacha Bitoun, Alexandre Boulé, Fatima Butti Omeir, Baudoin Curis, Nicolas Doc Chevalin, Ophélie Dozat, Lucien Dumas, Selma Ghammad, Gerta Heqimi, Ahmed Lazrak, Henri-Pierre Lecluse, Erwan Lestang, Anaïs Muraccioli, Clara Pallier, Aude Sarrazin, Calin Segal, Thibault Serin, Théo Tostivint, Joaqin Villalba

Laurent VLT