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Workshop From idea to form I

In the context of a weekly intensive course at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Malaquais, we asked 2nd-year students to get involved with color and texture. The assignment consisted in the elaboration of a 'parametric camouflage' that reinterprets a space's chromatic attributes using only three colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), white and white. Manipulating the logic of CMJN printing, the students engaged in a reflection on the mathematical, physical and objective characteristics of color, as well as the sensible nature of color.

The set up of this generative systems relies on three main variables that were to be manipulated within a chosen context: the tuning of colors, the orientation and the scale of the pattern. Results were presented in poster form. Students mobilize parametric rules to generate formal variations. The autonomy of of individual solutions is reinforced by the variety of specific contexts.


Septembre 2011


Max Turnheim & Nicolas Simon.


Louis Destombes & Adrien Durrmeyer.

Involved students

Sophia Ajdir, Florian Allard, Camille Bailly, Ihsane Bennani, Zoe Benoit, Valentin Bodenghien, Anaïs Bouvard, Michael Cherpenet, Guillaume Coupez, Marion Denis, Rime El Arabi, Calypso Freichel, Jonathan Fritsch, Marina Haj-Hamou, Theo Herbera, Ugo Le Corre, Geonyoung Lee, Gabrielle Le Roy, Salim Merniche, Thomas Morineau, Gilles Mustar, Elias Nourry, Marine Pesme, Eliza Ragac, Thomas Roger, Lucille Roland, Seyedali Rozati, Elisa Schneuwly, Élise Tessier, Linh Tham, Charlotte Thomas, Gabriel Topaloff, Pauline Tran, William Trang, Gabriel Vuillemin, Marguerite Wable.