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Workshop From Idea to Form II

In the context of a one-week intensive workshop at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of Paris Malaquais, we asked the students to produce a piece according to strict specifications formulated as 3 imperative constraints:

- engage with the thickness of a square concrete slab (50cmx50cm) linked to four anchoring points in each corner
- reduce the weight of this slab without altering its outline – that is, by maintaining its square shape
- mobilise fabrication techniques available in the lab (laser cutting and moulding)

Following three days of personal research, for each group of students, the thematic of the pattern as sole formal element imposed itself by and large. Studies converged towards the construction of a collective project in which the initial intentions of every individual could be expressed. The generative system set in place is based on the chosen fabrication process. It consists in designing a casting mould constituted of square-base pyramids made of cardboard. After casting , each group of students obtained a panel with a unique pattern presenting the form of pyramidal boxes in the thicker zones and diamonds in the emptier zones.
By generating these propositions, the students had to choose various variables defining the strength and propagation method for the mass / void gradation, the dimensions of the pattern, the vertical amplitude of pyramidal shapes and the thickness of the produced panel.


September 2011


Max Turnheim & Nicolas Simon.


Louis Destombes & Adrien Durrmeyer.

Involved students

Maxime Cazemajour, Ahjin Chae, Fanny Dugard, Benjamin Duglet, Marion Epinat, Gregory Eteve Saure, Gwendoline Eveillard, Rima Ezzeddine, Alienor Faivre, Gabriel Foulquier Gazagnes, Claire de Fraquier, Paul Gard Baholet, Hadrien Gauthier, Luce Gondran, Anne Grosset-Brun, Guillaume Hennon, Mete Kutlu, Augustin de Larauze, Cécile Lasserre, Louis Latzarus, Lea Matray, Jean Eric Menezes, Eugenia Pavone, Lola Petit, Clémence Pic, Clementin Rachet, Carole Richard, Amandine Roy Santoni, Monica Son, Maria Isabel Soto, Perle Van de Wyngaert, Sébastien Wampach.