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Workshop Joinery

The exercise consists in the conception of an assembly method for a bulk cube from 3 elements : 2 sliding elements are held together by a third locking element. This assembly is defined in relation to a series of variable parameters : dimensions, configuration and orientation. Students generate variations for the various profiles of these elements and study the 3-dimensional results. These results are synthesised in a series of axonometrics revealing various configurations according to different orientations. The solutions are judged according to the quality of assembly and feasibility.

Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim.

Constance de Batz & Benjamin Soquier.

Involved students
Blaising, Caubet, Clayssen, Cobigo, Delanoue, Dugard, Gard-baholet, Giardina, Guillaume, Huet, Latzurus, Loizillon, Mengchen, Roullier, Tari, Toudic, Van De Wyngaert.