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Worshop Occupation

The goal of this workshop was multiple: testing the construction system conceived in the previous workshop, altering the use of a space through an occupation strategy, engaging the students in a political reflection on the act of building. The whole week was aimed towards an event: the preparation of a collective meal in a room usually dedicated to teaching. The support for this preparation is a 7.2m long piece of furniture. Its delocalisation is thus made impossible without dismantling. It was designed and built by students. The week was punctuated by conferences treating questions of tooling, strategy and ownership in the domains of art and architecture. It was ended by a communal meal.


February 2012


Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim.

Guest speakers

Sandra Terdjman, Anne Chaniolleau, Nicolas Couturier.


Hadrien Gauthier & Louis Latzarus.

Involved students

Arthur Biasse, Wonsuc Cheh, Clothilde Bonneau, Augustin Bourgeois, Julia Okoko, Sahand Emdadian, Simon Erard, Marion Foulet, Anne Grosset-Brun, Chloé Jaspers, Ombeline Jaulin, Clara La Bihan, Ugo Le Corre, Antoine Le Dreff, Camille Lemonnier, Constance Meurice, Thomas Morineau, Océane Reveillac, Carole Richard, Thomas Roger, Monica Son, Linh Tham, Gabriel Topaloff, Pauline Tran, Constance Varin, Gabriel Vuillemin, Marguerite Wable, Thibaud Joffraud